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1000 Kopi Cup NFTs

In order to become our DAO member, you will need to own at least one(1) Kopi Cup NFT.

Limited supply

We release our NFTs in batches / cohorts. Only a maximum lifetime supply of 1000 NFTs will be made available. Once the NFTs are completely sold out, they can only be obtained from secondary markets.


We are building on the Polygon network and our NFTs can be minted using the $MATIC token. Reach out to us if you need assistance getting on the network!

Our awesome features

Benefits for holders

Exclusive access

Access to all of our members only products and services inclusive our Makerspace hackathons, minting on-chain credentials, launching your NFT project with our Talent Bank, and future releases.


All NFT holders are entitled to vote during governance proposals to determine the DAO's direction and future plans.

Perks and airdrops

Receive additional perks, swags, invites to private events, and future airdrops of our native token. The more Kopi Cup NFTs you own, the greater the rewards!

Learn more about what we do

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