Our awesome features

Knowledge base

Educational content

We provide curated content by our community that are designed to accelerate your knowledge into the different segments of Web3, and more!

Ecosystem mapping

We are mapping the ecosystem and partnering with the best in the space. Providing you the best navigation experience to ensure the success of your journey.


Incubating ideas

By joining our DAO, you gain access to hands-on workshops and building opportunities with other DAO members where we will be exploring ideas, identifying use cases, and hacking together production ready products.


Every time we complete a hackathon and/or ship a production ready product, we will showcase it along with a playbook that documents how we've built it and what we've learnt.

Our awesome features

Talent Bank

On-chain credentials

Obtain soulbound NFTs in recognition of your learning and contributions. These endorsements are backed by the community and will give you exclusive benefits across applications and projects we work with.

Talent launchpad

Our DAO showcases our best talents and provide them a platform to extend their outreach. We also provide the know-how to help our talents fundraise by launching their own NFT / token projects.

Limited supply of only 1000 NFTs.

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